Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Photo's

Thanks Chellese for the awesome family photo's! We love them!


Reese had such a fun Halloween! She got to go trick-or-treating with several of her neighborhood friends.

Look at cute little Brooklyn Woods trying to share her candy with me! So sweet.
Tyler Gardner, Braydn Wood, Gavin Gardner, Rowan Tate, Reese & Brooklyn Wood
These cute little friends are only 6 weeks apart. How funny that Brooklyn is 6 weeks older than Reese. She's such a petite little thing, and I guess Reese is pretty tall for her age.
Tyler Gardner & Hudson Bunker. I love the sweet little smile behind those fangs, and I think Hudson's been working out :)
Reese checking out her loot. She really got into the trick-or-treating. After several house she stared pushing kids out of the way, to get to the candy.
When we got home, Reese was all too happy to find out we had a whole bowl of candy at home as well.
She tried to stuff as much in her mouth as possible.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!

Ward Halloween Party

I'm really hoping we can get some better pictures of Reese in her costume tonight, because she was anything but cooperative the night of our ward Halloween party. I think the first problem was the party didn't start until 7 p.m. and that's usually the time we start winding down around here. She is usually snuggled with me on the couch relaxing before she goes to bed at 8 p.m.

After I got her in her costume, the first thing she wanted was blanky and binky!

It's a lot harder to maneuver the stairs when you have wings...
We had to get a picture of Cohen & Reese. They are just 3 days apart and where nursery buddy's in the hospital. They both look thrilled to be at the party.
Last year Reese and Cohen where just 7 weeks old on Halloween. They were also both Harley Biker Babies. I can't believe it's been a whole year.
This year their costumes were a little more extravagant. Too cute!
Reese with her buddy Gavin. She's trying to steal his candy...but Gavin out smarts her; he takes the candy out of the box and gives her the empty box. Smart kid!
So I slaved all day making the cute little mini pumpkin tarts for the party, but what do my husband and daughter eat...the Twinkies that someone else brought. What was I thinking???
This was pretty much my view or Reese the entire party. She was only stationary if one of us was holding her. She had the best time running all over the gym, checking out all the other kids costumes, stealing their candy, and dancing from time to time. We should have made her a butterfly, because Reese is one social butterfly.

Reese and her friend Sydney Gardner. I love how they're checking out each other's costumes! Girls will be girls.

After the food, dancing, and trunk-or-treating...Reese was partied out. But not too tired for a sucker!
A big thanks to Estella for the darling Halloween costume! I had wanted Reese to be a Lady Bug for Halloween and was planning on making her costume, but Estella must have read my mind. She gave Reese the cutest Lady Bug costume for her birthday. She saved me a lot of work! You're the best Estella!

For Grandma Thiebaud...

Thanks for the fun Halloween package for Reese. She was excited to open it.

(Just as a note, I don't dress Reese in all black normally. She is in half her Halloween costume for the ward Halloween party.)
She really liked her very own bag.
And she had fun looking at all the dolls in the catalog.
The next day she carried her bag around all morning.

She even used it to store some of her other toys.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colorado Nordfelts

I couldn't help but show off my beautiful little niece and my cute nephew. Can you believe how much snow they have in Colorado already?? Crazy!

Check out those eyes. Erika, I think your going to get your wish. Those look like Brady's eyes to me.
I just want to kiss that little face. I wish you guys lived closer!
And Reese wishes you lived closer too. She would have so much fun playing in the snow with Crew.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins...

Monday night we got together with our good friends, the Gardner's, for a joint family home evening of carving pumpkins. I had envisioned Reese actually digging in and helping us do the carving, but she was much more interested in playing with Gavin and all his toys. I'm sure it was a lot more fun for her, and a lot less messy for me! So it all worked out. I had also wanted to get some cute pictures of the carving process but completely spaced it. So we just took after shots of the kids and their super cool pumpkins.

Gavin & Tyler, those are some awesome pumpkins!
We tried to get Reese to join the picture, but as you can see in the next few shots, it didn't quite work. I have one independent child. She doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do. She's just like her mommy!

Love that cheesy little Gavin smile.
We took a couple pictures the next day of our little family of pumpkins.