Monday, February 27, 2012

Reese says...

Reese: I really love you mom, but you being a little crazy not giving me a snack right now...cause I really hungry. So please not be crazy and I have a cheese stick?

Normally I would not suggest calling your mom crazy when negotiating to get your way...but starting out with the "I love you" was a pretty smooth move.

Talking to Reese about going camping this summer...
Reese: What we do camping mom?
Mom: We go somewhere in the woods or by a lake and we pitch a tent and have a campfire. It's so much fun!
Reese: Where we sleep?
Mom: We all sleep together in the tent. Our whole family. We get to snuggle together.
Reese: Yaaa! I so excited mom. I sleep by you and daddy and you scratch my back all the night long.
...ummmm...that's not what's going to happen...but I haven't broken the news to her just yet.

At the dinner table...
Reese: Boys are such silly nuckleheads.
(after we die laughing...inside)
Dad: What??
Mom: Who told you that?
Reese: Claire told me that about boys. Claire knows all about boys mom.
Mom: So does that mean that daddy is a nucklehead?
Reese: (laughing) Noooo mom! Daddy not a boy. He a daddy.
Insert mom and dad trying very hard not to laugh!

The other night Arnold and I discovered that over the course of the weekend Reese's play room had been hit by a hurricane...aka...serious kid destruction. Arnold asked Reese to start cleaning it up. After many protests, he informed her that if she didn't start cleaning up, he would...and any toys he picked up would be going into a "time-out" (She would loose them for a day). When I backed him up and reassured her that was indeed the case, she threw her hands down, head back and cried out in distress..."You're killing me guys!! You're killing me."

I was having a conversation with Reese the other morning about all the beautiful things about her...
Reese: My eye's brown mom?
Me: Yes, you have the most beautiful brown eye's.
Reese: But Anni have blue eye's. Blue eye's bootiful too mom?
Me: Yes, you are both beautiful. You can look different and both be very beautiful. That's the best part of our world. We have so many people who look different and they're all beautiful in many different ways. But do you know what the most beautiful thing about you is?
Reese: What so bootiful on me mom?
Me: The most beautiful thing about you is what's on the inside.
Reese: (looking at me like I'm crazy) like my bones mom? My bones inside bootiful too? That kinda silly mom.
After a good little inside chuckle, I explained what I meant. I don't think she totally grasped it...but she will one day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anni - 11 months

Far too close to 1 year for my taste...but despite every effort made to thwart the process, this kid just keeps growing up!

In all honesty, I'm a conflicted mother. As much as I would love for Anni to stay little forever, I also have this overwhelming excitement to discover who she will become. There's this small part of me that waits with utter anticipation for the unfolding of her personality. Will she be sassy, strong willed, and brightly colorful, like her big sister and her mom...or will she have the quiet strength and tender heart of her dad. Only time will tell.

As of right now, Anni is the smile to our day and sometimes the literal punching bag to her big sister.  She's currently sporting her second shiner, courtesy Reese. However, her dad is partly to blame. Ultimately her poor little face is the result of a dad asking his 3 year old to throw him the remote...with poor Anni in the line of fire. One things for sure...whatever Anni may or may not become...she will be one tough little lady.


As most big sisters, Reese loves to hold and...well...maul Anni. Recently Anni has started to make known her dislike of this behavior. In other words, she is finding her voice. It usually includes a cry out for help or a scream/loud grunt of dislike, followed by the typical arching of the back and kicking her way out of Reese's strong hold.  Anni's definitely a fighter.


Anni's not quite walking yet, but she loves her little toy walker. She squeals with delight as she peruses her way around the living room.


I couldn't resist this picture. Mainly because I have a very similar one of Reese at this age. Anni's favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Club House. There is no un-gluing her eye's from the TV, if Mickey's voice can be heard.


A few other random tidbits:

Anni had a growth spurt of teeth this last month. She now has 5 1/2 teeth with 2 more ready to break through.

I have officially purchased the last can of formula and babyfood that I will ever have to buy. Until I have grandchildren, I suppose. Anni loves whole milk and absolutely refuses any form of babyfood.

Anni is still quite the mommy's girl. She has a bad case of "Stranger Danger". There are only a select few people who Anni allows into her heart. But I'm sure she'll grow out of it...hopefully!

One thing that Anni does do...that her sister never did at her fast the door as soon as her daddy walks through it. She is always so excited to see him when he comes home.

Anni is a little talker. We don't know what she's saying, but she loves to talk. She does say Mama, and baba (bottle) and a whole lot of other gibberish that will hopefully be understandable at some point.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!!

We had the best Valentine's Day! Arnold and I actually celebrated on Saturday night. He took me to a cute little cafe in Springville for dinner, then to Hobby Lobby where I was allowed to spend the money he would have spent on flowers...on craft stuff. One hour at a craft store, just for his wife...I married a good man. Then we went to the Chocolate Place for dessert. It was a fun night out.

I'm so grateful to be married to my best friend! Arnold is the best husband and father. Every day he does and say's things that make me feel beautiful and valued. He's a hand's on dad and helps out around the house every chance he gets. I really couldn't ask for more. I am a lucky girl.

As for the are the highlights from all their fun Valentine celebrations...

Breakfast. Thanks Grandma Thiebaud for the fun heart shaped pancake molds. 



Delivering Valentine's to Reese's friends.

Making chocolate covered strawberries to surprise daddy!

Getting ready for a fun Valentine themed family dinner.

A fun little surprise from daddy right before dinner.


A Valentine scavenger hunt for the big surprise from mommy & daddy.

Who gave you those awesome gigantic teddy bears??? "You and daddy!"



Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhhh...don't tell...

...but Reese will be delivering these yummy Valentine's to a few of her BFF's tomorrow. She's so excited to share our latest Pinterest creation.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite things...

Every night after prayers, books, and song, I ask Reese two questions. First, "what was your favorite thing about today?", then "what didn't you like about today?" She never fails to come up with the funniest, most interesting answers. My favorite days are when her answer to the second question is, "Nothing mommy, I like everything about a good day!"

After I ask her the questions, she always asks me the same questions back. The other night she wanted to know what daddy liked and didn't like about the day. Before I could answer she jumped in with her own response...,"I know...daddy not like going to work cause he miss his Reesy sooooo much. And he really like to come home and see me. I make his day all better!"

You could not be more spot on little Reesy! You're daddy's favorite part of every day is definitely coming home to you...and Anni too!!

And your mommy's favorite part of everyday...having these little conversations with you!

There's always a first for everything!

Anni's had several first over the last couple days...

Her top two teeth finally broke through, after several months of playing peek-a-boo. She started clapping, much to the delight of her big sister. And then there was this...I finally let Anni ride in a cart without being strapped in her car-seat. She thought she was a pretty big deal. There was lots of squealing, bouncing, and pure elation!