Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reese Quotes

Reese: Where we going mom?
Me: To Grandma and Grandpa's to drop off their cake holder.
Reese: Yay!!! Can we stay and play?
Me: No, we have several errands to run and then we need to get home.
Reese: But I want to play at Grandma's! She say's I can come over and play anytime I want to.
Me: Maybe another day. I told Cody we would go on a bike ride later. Don't you want to get home and play with all your friends??
Reese: Grandma is one of my friends! She's my best friend, her even say's so!

 She loves her Grandma!

Reese: Mom I don't like cow butts.
Me: What?
Reese: Cow's have ugly butts.
Me: Ok.
Reese: Mom how come milk comes out of a cows butt? Like is it like cow pee. Do we drink cow pee? 

Love my Reese and her endless supply of curiosity.

Reese loves to put on "shows" or "performances" for us. She's quite the little performer, so Arnold is building her a little stage for her playroom. Last night we went to pick out pain for the stage, on our way out we were perusing through the garden center...

Reese: Mom we need to get some roses.
Me: I don't think we're going to put roses in our yard.
Reese: Not for our yard mom!!! For me!!
Me: For you?? Why do you need roses?
Reese: Well...because mom, once daddy gets my stage done and I'm doing so many shows and performances, and you're going to love them sooooo much and I'm going to be soooo good, you're just going to want to throw lots of roses at me. Cause that's what they do on stages mom. They throw roses! 

Reese: Mom can we pleeeease get an i-pad like grandma?
Me: We probably will get one soon. Maybe next Christmas.
Reese: Nooo that's too long. I really really want one now.
Me: Reese i-pads are expensive. They're not something you just go out and buy with groceries. Maybe we should start saving our money.
Reese: But I have money. We can use all the money in my piggy bank.
Me: Sweetie, you don't have enough in your piggy bank. But don't worry mom and dad plan to get one soon.
Reese: Please please please mom!! Let's just go get one right now. I promise I'll get the money somehow. Let's just get one.
Me: How do you plan on getting the money?
Reese: I don't know...but I'll do it...somehow I'll do it.

I was talking on the phone when I realized that our front door was wide open. My little independent Reese was outside in her rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella getting the mail. Within seconds the mild rain turned into a violent hail storm...mail was flying everywhere so I had run out and save her. When I got her, and our mail, in safely, she looked up at me and said...

Reese: Mom, the rain today is like chunky rain.

Yesterday Reese and I laid on the front lawn eating popsicles. I asked her how she was feeling about our new neighborhood, if she liked living here, and if she was happy. Her response...

Reese: Ya, I like it here. I like all my new friends. I love my trampoline and my school, but mom sometimes I really really miss my friends in Utah.
Me: It's ok to miss your friends. I still miss my friends all the time.
Reese: Ya, I had the best friends. Like remember that time when we were playing outside with the swimming pools and Holden brought us a boat made out of sticks. He tried to put it in my water, but it just fell apart. That Holden was so funny. Maybe we can save our popsicle sticks and make a boat like Holden's. Then if it works we can send it to him. He would be so happy!

A memory most likely sparked by the popsicle sticks. I love that Reese has such amazing memories. I hope they never leave her.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Morning...

I love holidays. I love celebrations! I love the pure joy on my kids faces when they are excited and surprised. Childhood is so short, and "real" life is no were near as magical as childhood. I'm so grateful to be a mom and experience life through a child's eyes once again.

This Easter was even more special because Reese is finally old enough to grasp the true meaning. We had several family home evenings discussing our Savior and the Resurrection. She seemed to really understand, and I can see the tiny buds or her testimony starting form.

...and of course there was lots of candy, egg hunts, fun little presents, and family! We love living by family and being able to share holidays with Grandpa, Grandma, Brady, Erika, Crew, Kendy, and Sydney!

In their Easter baskets the girls got coloring books, a bunny mask, princess mirror and wand craft sets, and lots of eggs filled with candy and money.

 photo IMG_9531640x427_zpse4ab32ea.jpg

 photo IMG_9532640x426_zpsba510aed.jpg

Anni was all about the candy!

 photo IMG_9533640x427_zpscd15654c.jpg

 photo IMG_9534428x640_zps4e31de5e.jpg

 photo IMG_9535640x427_zpsee81dd21.jpg

 photo IMG_9536640x427_zps93ce352c.jpg

I wanted a serious picture...but loved what I ended up getting...

 photo IMG_9540427x640_zps7f17edd7.jpg

 photo IMG_9541427x640_zps2a17cbb3.jpg

 photo IMG_9553640x428_zps0b51ac05.jpg

 photo IMG_9546640x427_zps0e0d0a03.jpg

 photo IMG_9544640x427_zps3453b0d3.jpg

Anni's mouth full of blue candy!

 photo IMG_9549640x427_zpsf6ced377.jpg

When we got home from church, we got to hunt for all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in the basement. I think the girls have more fun searching for the eggs than they do eating the candy.

 photo IMG_9556426x640_zps049ce921.jpg

 photo IMG_9562428x640_zpsd7ad6534.jpg

 photo IMG_9561427x640_zpsf8b2382e.jpg

 photo IMG_9558640x427_zps0cbb14d2.jpg

Later that day everyone came over for a big Easter dinner and some fun play time on the trampoline. It was a wonderful Easter!

Easter Dresses

I was so excited for Easter morning. This year I was very daring and decided to make the girls their Easter dresses. It was a pure labor of love. I haven't sewn anything with a zipper or sleeves in over 20 years. It didn't help that I waited until the week of Easter to start this project. That being said, I was thrilled with how they turned out...and the girls looked darling in them. This just may become a tradition...I think I need a new sewing machine :)

The Trampoline!

The girls got a trampoline for Christmas and have been waiting patiently for the weather to allow daddy to put it up. Easter weekend turned out to be the perfect time. Daddy go up at 6 a.m. on Saturday to start the process. Reese and Anni squealed with delight when they woke up and looked out the window!

We've since spent hours jumping and hanging out on the tramp. The best part, every night since this thing went up, both girls are out the second their heads hit the pillow. That, in and of it's self, make this the best investment ever!!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

We have been so lucky to move into another awesome neighborhood, full of great families with tons of kids. We helped organize a fun neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt to start off our Easter celebrations! The girls both got tons of eggs and had a great time.

Anni turns 2!!

Every day I look at my little Anniston and feel like the luckiest mom in the whole world!

Weight: 26 lbs. 63%
Height: 37.5 in. 100%

  • Anni loves to sing. I have sung to her every night since she was born. Her favorite song is "Whenever I Hear the Sound of a Bird". She knows every word and sings along with me. After I leave her at nap time or bed time, I can hear her in her crib singing to herself. The other day she sat in time out singing, "I child God, he sent here, lead me guide me, help me find a way" in the sweetest little voice. It almost killed me to keep her in time out...but she had been pretty naughty.
  • It's doesn't surface very often, but she does have a bit of a naughty side. It usually involves her sister and fighting over a toy or defending her territory. When she has to, she can stand her ground. Much to Reese's dismay, Anni can now tell on her and report every time, "Reese not be nice mommy". 
  • She is such a snuggler. If she had her way, I'd just sit and snuggle with her for a better part of each day. I cherish every minute she lets me snuggle her. Often she will make me look into her face. If I look up or turn away, she will take her little hand and touch the side of my cheek to move my eyes back in her direction. This melts my heart.
  • Anni is still so much shyer than Reese ever was. She does not like strangers, or people she's not very familiar with. She's very cautious and thoughtful about everything she does. I think she'll be a little like her dad in that respect. She's no were near as impulsive and passionate as her mom and sister.
  • However, she is a little like her mom when it comes to her facial expressions. You can read her mind like a book. She can't hide anything she's thinking or feeling. You just have to look at her face. Around here we call her the queen of facial expression.
  • In her own way, she's also very stubborn and independent. She has to do everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, by herself. She will try and try and try and try, until she gets it done. From feeding herself, to dressing herself, putting on her own shoes, buckling her own car seat, etc... etc... 
  • She recently shocked me by potty training in 3 days. It probably shouldn't shock me, it fits her personality. She's very determined. She's now gone 6 days without an accident, even at night and nap time. 
  • Anni loves her sister. She follows Reese around all day mimicking everything she says and does. For the most part Reese is good to her and loves the undivided attention. 
  • Anni is a nurturer at heart. She loves babies and all her stuffed animals. She rocks them, snuggles them, and reads books to them. She never misses and opportunity to point out a baby when were out shopping or at church, and you will rarely find her with out a baby doll in her arms.
  • She is learning more and more every day. She can now count to 10, she knows all her shapes, a handful of letters, and we're working on colors right now. 
  • Anni still sucks her thumb at bedtime, nap time or when ever she's tired or wants to snuggle. I know she'll probably need braces one day, but think she's so cute when sucking her thumb. I sucked my thumb so I'm probably a little bias.
  • Her all time favorite cartoon is Caillou. She will watch other cartoons, but when it's up to her Caillou is always the choice. She can sing the entire opening song. 
 photo IMG_9430427x640_zps09712600.jpg

Her 2nd birthday party had to have a special cake. Reese was my little helper with this cake. We were pretty happy with how it turned out!

 photo IMG_9415640x427_zpsd7cdc864.jpg

 photo IMG_9423640x427_zps67e9b220.jpg

 photo IMG_9425640x427_zps6d96cf2f.jpg

 photo IMG_9432426x640_zps13bbcecc.jpg

 photo IMG_9433425x640_zpsfb12bb3f.jpg

Our neighbor Cody and her kids dropped off these fun balloons for Anni's birthday. She LOVED them. She didn't let them go all day.

 photo IMG_9435427x640_zpsb5f46a6a.jpg

We just had a family party, but we still had to make it special.

 photo IMG_9443640x426_zps76ff110c.jpg

 photo IMG_9454427x640_zpsb1ae2e2f.jpg

 photo IMG_9455424x640_zps1f4c0a63.jpg

She was so excited to blow out her candles.

 photo IMG_9459426x640_zps3d00ce72.jpg

 photo IMG_9470427x640_zps26131c48.jpg

 photo IMG_9475640x426_zps709d6aed.jpg

Reese was front and center to help unwrap the presents.

 photo IMG_9490640x428_zpsfd84ff7c.jpg

 photo IMG_9497426x640_zps601f2c9d.jpg

 photo IMG_9493426x640_zpsf16df28d.jpg

A few other shots of this little sweetheart from the last few months...


Anni loves babies

I love these natural curls!

little piggies

Her alter ego..."trouble"

She deserved this "flash in the face" for waking up 1 hour earlier than normal, on Christmas morning.

Pure cuteness!

We don't go many places without baby, dolly, and bear.

More sweetness!

Total cheeser! It was below zero outside, but that didn't stop her from devouring this ice cream cone!

We call this "the look"...when she's not happy with you.

Tiny dancer...

Catching some rays...while mommy gets ready!

Princess rock stars get thirsty sometimes.

Bottom line...I can't help but wonder, "how did I get so lucky?" I just want to bottle her up right now. The blue eyes, the curly hair, the sweet little voice, the way she buries her face into my chest and sucks her thumb and strokes my cheek...I never want it to change...I love her more than anything. She's growing too fast!