Friday, June 29, 2012

Princess Festival

Arnold had some free tickets to the Princess Festival he received at work. He works with the organizers to help promote the he does with all events in Utah County, so he wanted to take Reese so he could see what the event was like...also because I didn't want to go. I didn't think I could take hours of princesses.

It's funny because Reese is far from Princess crazy. She does love princesses on some days, but the next you might find her playing Lego Ninjago, pony's, barbies, or with her train set. She's fairly well rounded. I wasn't sure what she'd think of the festival.

Reese is not shy at fact she seems to be more and more outgoing the older she gets. Arnold said she walked right up to all the princesses and asked them all kinds of questions. In the group discussions, Reese was front and center leading the questions and answers. When she got home she was full of stories and detailed descriptions of all the princesses she met. I think she had a great time.

When Arnold got home he declared, "I really don't get women."  I assured him that with his 3 most favorite people in the whole world being women...he'd have a lifetime to learn.



Yes, that's Reese front and Center talking to the princesses.

Another good shot of her "front and center" postion.

Reese with Peter Pan, Hook and Tinker Bell

Receiving her "pixie dust".

I don't know why, but I think these pictures are so funny with her little gloved hands poking through.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Out!

She looks so sweet and innocent...doesn't she??


But this sweet little face is a devil in disguise! Anni's become quite the little trouble maker these days. I know she's just exploring her boundaries and testing the limits of those around her, but she can be trouble with a capital "T". When ever I tell her "no" or try to gently scold her, she literally laughs in my face. Somewhere along the line she's come to think the word "no" is funny. As a result she's also learning what a time out is. At first she thought it was some kind of fun game, but she is quickly learning that time outs are not fun.

While it breaks my heart that my sweet little baby is already old enough for discipline...Reese thinks it's so wonderful that Anni is finally being held accountable for her naughtiness.

Why does time go so quickly...I'd like to give "growing up" a big "time-out"!

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 years!

We've been so busy with summer fun that this post is a little late...but...better late than never!

This year Arnold and I celebrated our 5 year Anniversary! In many ways 5 years has gone so fast, but in a very good way, it also seems like we've been married forever. Both Arnold and I waited a long time to find each other, but I think I speak for both of us when I was worth the wait.

We once said that we'd go back to Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary...well...2 sweet little girls later we settled for San Diego and Sea World...with the kids.  Now we're hoping Hawaii on the 10 year...maybe sooner if things go as we're planning. We also went to dinner and Arnold took me shopping. Not many men would spend their Anniversary shopping with their wife, but Arnold even held my bags.  See...totally worth the wait.

Here's a little look back...

Engagement Photos:



And the Wedding day:



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not boy crazy yet...

Discussion with Reese last Saturday afternoon...

Reese: Mom I so bored. I want to play with friends.
Me: Sorry honey your friends can't play right now.
Reese: How about I go to Rowan's house?
Me: Rowan left with her mom to run errands.
Reese: How about I call Lucy?
Me: Remember Lucy just left to go to a birthday party at her cousins house.
Reese: How about I see if Brynn can play?
Me: Honey we were just outside with Brynn, and remember she was going inside to take a rest.
Reese: (She thinks for a minute, then responds rather disgusted) Fine...I guess I just play with a boy! How about Gavin and Tyler?


The other night Reese and Anni made a huge mess at dinner; scattering rice and peas all over the floor. After dinner I told Reese she needed to help me clean up the mess under and around her chair....

Reese: Mom you gonna help me clean up my mess?
Me: (on my hands and knee's under Anni's highchair) As soon as I finish cleaning up all Anni's crap.

A few minutes later as I come over to help her...

Reese: Mom you finished cleaning up Anni's crap mess?
Me: (Realizing I really need to watch the words I use around my girls) Yes honey, I'm going to help you now.
Reese: Look mom I almost done cleaning up my crap mess.

After we finished...

Reese: Look mom, no more crap mess all over!

Yep...I really do need to stop using the word CRAP!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Water Fight!!!

A couple buckets of water, some sponges, soakers and water guns...hours of summer fun!


oh...and popsicles! You can't forget the popsicles!

Love these girls!!
(Lucy Nuttall, Harper Tate, Rowan Tate, Claire Nuttall & Reese)

Especially this one!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Ice Cream Date Night!

I know the way to my families cream...and chocolate!













Sunday, June 3, 2012

The simple things...

Arnold was cleaning out the garage and Reese wanted to help. We told her she could wash all her bikes and various modes of transportation. Five minutes in she said...

"Mom this is the funnest thing I've ever done!"



Friday, June 1, 2012

For the records...

anni 2

Anni has changed so much in the last couple months. It doesn't really surprise me, Reese did the exact same thing after her first birthday. It's like their true personalities decide to surface, holding nothing back.

A few things to remember...
  • It's no surprise that Anni loves her big sister. She follows her around everywhere and wants to do everything Reese does. But she also knows how to stand her ground with Reese. She doesn't hesitate to make her feelings known and to milk the "baby sister" role for all it's worth. While she can't say much, she has her own way of tattling on Reese and giving me the saddest little "Mommy, Reese isn't being nice" face. 
  • Anni understands just about everything I say to her. For the most part she's pretty obedient...and when she's not she knows it! She loves to give me a little guilty smirk before she high-tales it out of my grasp. While she may be fast...she's not too fast for mom just yet.
  • She LOVES baby dolls. She's usually carrying one around, snuggling it. She also loves to push around the toy baby stroller...or ride in the toy baby stroller while Reese pushes her around the house. This always results in a lot of squealing and laughing, with the occasional accident and crying.
  • Anni is a huge music fan. Anytime she can hear music...even in the faintest background, she will start to bust a move. She can even be in the midst of a full blown tantrum and all I have to do is turn on some music and those little shoulders start to bounce. Slowly she'll stop crying as the groove moves through her. I need to get this on video, because it's pretty funny.
  • Anni isn't quite as good of a healthy eater as Reese has always been, but interestingly Anni has turned out to be a much more adventuresome eater. While she may snub her nose at several vegetables and fruits, she's a lover of all things spicy and flavorful. Favorites include Mexican and Indian food. 

Reese 4

There's nothing that sums up our little Reese like the words that come right out of her mouth...

Reese has been learning her more advanced colors, like the difference between Navy blue and baby blue, or light yellow and mustard yellow. We had just talked about shades of purple the day before this conversation.

Reese: Mom can I wear my violent panties with these shorts?
Me: (I had my back to her and hadn't really heard her because I was changing Anni's diaper) What did you say Reese?
Reese: I really really want to wear these violent panties, but I not know if they match my shorts.
Me: (trying to keep a straight face)Yes Reese. Yes you can wear those violet panties with those shorts. They don't have to match because they're under your clothes.
Reese: Yea!! I really really like these violent panties mom!

The other day Reese kept making excuses for everything I asked her to do. All her excuses revolved around her body hurting in one way or another. "I can't pick up my toys because my arms are hurting mom." "I can't go get my shoes because my legs are hurting." etc... until I got sick of the excuses.

Mom: Reese if I hear you complain about your body hurting one more time today, we will be canceling the neighborhood swim party tomorrow.
Reese: NO NO MOM!!! I want to swim and play with friends!
Mom: Well if your body is hurting so much, it can't swim or play with friends.
Reese: But but but mom, my body only hurt when it has work! It feels better when it time to play. 
Mom: (in my head) I know...convenient isn't it!

Me: Reese what are you doing out of bed?
Reese: Umm mine elephant not want to go to bed. I say to him he has to go time out. So I put him in time out and I sit and watch tv while he in time out. Ok mom?
Me: (trying not to laugh) Ok.


Me: ok I think you need to go get elephant out of time out and go to bed.

Reese walks over to the time out chair...

Reese: Oh mom he say he still not want to go to bed so I put him in time out again. I guess I just have to watch tv more.
Me: Really? How many time outs do you think he's going to need before he's ready to go to bed?
Reese: probably lots mom.

Reese: What you doing mom?
Me: I'm coloring my hair.
Reese: But it not look colored, it just look brown.
Me: Well I'm just coloring it brown. The same color I always color it.
Reese: (very upset) But I not like brown. It sooo boring mom. I want you to color it purple, or yellow, or a fun color. I not like brown!
Me: I had no idea you had such a strong opinion about the color of my hair.
Reese: Well I have opinion mom!

I Woke up this morning sick and throwing up...

Reese: Mom, I really not like you throwing up so much. It really gross mom!
Me: Why don't you go watch cartoons honey. You don't need to watch me.
Reese: I know mom, but somebody gotta take care of you. And Daddy at work...(letting out a big sigh) so I gotta do it.

After Reese did something I had asked her not to...

Me: Reese, what am I going to do with you??
Reese: you just gonna love me mom!

Soooo true!

There really are no words for how much I love these two girls! I feel so blessed to be their mom and to spend everyday watching them learn, grow and become the beautiful people I know they are!