Monday, November 30, 2009


wasn't a good day. I don't know why but I just woke up sad. I spent most of the day on the verge of tears for no apparent reason. I wrote it off as pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep. Then Studio 5 called and cancelled my appearance for tomorrow. They wanted to reschedule for some time in the next few weeks. No problem, except I had dragged my self to the grocery store this morning to buy all the ingredients. Lame!! Then I was having problems with my website, couldn't figure things out. Frustrating!! Just one emotional crappy day.

Then tonight I found out that my Aunt passed away. My heart sunk. She had been dying for several months. We were expecting it any day, but for some reason it's still painful and really really sad. For many reasons that would take too long to explain, the process of her death has been frustrating and difficult to deal with for our family. My heart breaks for my mom and her 4 sisters, who in the last 3 years have lost both their parents and now their baby sister. Some times life can really throw a curve ball.

My Aunt Valarie was my favorite aunt when I was growing up. The youngest of my mom's sisters, I was one of the flower girls at her wedding. She was always the cool aunt, hosting slumber parties, taking us shopping, and giving us facials. I have many wonderful memories.

The last time I saw my Aunt, healthy and happy, was a little over a year ago. We took Reese up to Idaho to see my grandmother before she passed away. I snapped this picture of my Aunt holding Reese. She was so excited to see Reese. She was so sweet holding her. I never would have dreamed in a million years that she would be gone so quickly.

Life is short, life is unpredictable, and life is precious!

One of the best things about Thanksgiving weekend...

Putting up all the Christmas decorations, then snuggling with my baby watching the Christmas tree lights.

At first Reese wasn't sure what to think of the Christmas tree, she wouldn't go near it. In fact she kept staring it down, like it was the enemy. But she has warmed up to it, and for the most part she stays away from it. We've caught her trying to take the balls off a couple of times but all we have to do is say, "No No Reese" and she backs away.

Next step is wrapping presents to go underneath. We'll see if she stays away from those as well. Something tells me it's going to be a no. I guess we'll find out.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent the day in Salt Lake with 100+ Nordfelt's at the semi-annual Nordfelt Thanksgiving. It was so fun to see so many of my cousins and catch up. Between blogging and facebook I feel like I keep up on their lives pretty good, but it's always better in person! I wish I'd gotten some better pictures, but I was so busy talking most the were an after thought.

I had to throw in this picture of Reese helping me make pie, the day before. She was my beater licker! A pretty cute one at that.
Reese probably had the most fun at Thanksgiving. So many kids to play with, so much to explore! A couple of her 2nd cousins taught her how to shoot hoops!
Some of the kids lined up for the "potato car" races...pine-wood derby style!
Reese and daddy watching the races.
The cheering sections...3 generations of Nordfelts.
See ya in two years!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who needs a sippy cup?

This is why bathroom doors must remain shut around here! Not always a successful strategy however. I was doing the laundry, the door didn't get shut tight enough, and this is what I found. To Reese the toilet is a personal water play toy and a drinking fountain...all in one. One day she'll look at these pictures and realize just how disgusting this little hobby really is!

She wouldn't look at me...she new she was in trouble!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Too cute...

My brother and his sweet family. Love this picture!

Random facts to remember...

  • A new favorite snack...frozen peas. We discovered this while leaving Costco this weekend. We tore a hole in the frozen pea bag. I had to hold them while driving home and Reese of course wanted some. She loved them. Well, she already loved peas, and I'm guessing the frozen version feel good on her teething gums. Gotta love a healthy snack that serves multiple purposes.
  • We bought Reese her first pair of snow pants...All I have to say...there is nothing cuter than a little toddler bum waddling around in snow pants.
  • I was laying on the floor playing with Reese the other night. She kneeled beside me, leaned over me, took my face in her hands and kissed (or slobbered) my forehead. It was the sweetest thing ever.
  • Reese has discovered the toy department. We can't go to Walmart or Target with out perusing through the toy department a least once. I can't even trick her...she knows. Any thought of skipping this step is met with much protest. Trips to the store will never be the same again.
  • For those of you who haven't heard yet...Reese is going to be a big sister! I think she's going to be great!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In-N-Out...we'll be staying out...

So Arnold's office was invited to the VIP opening for the new Orem In-N-Out Burger. We went, well because I'm always up for a night off from cooking dinner. But I have to say...I really don't understand the hype of In-N-Out Burger. I had eaten there before, in California several years ago. I didn't get it then, and even after a second chance...I don't get it even more. I'm sorry to say, it doesn't even make my top 10 of favorite burger joints. But here's the kicker...Reese didn't like it either.

Up until tonight Reese hadn't met a french fry she didn't love. We tried to get her to eat them, but she kept spitting them out. Kid tested...kid did not approve!

While the she didn't like the food, she did have fun playing in the booth. And look, I dressed her to match...not planned!
It's a good thing mom always has fruit snacks in her purse...Reese had to wait until we got home for a good dinner.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Princess On Ice...

Reese's Uncle Kit was nice enough to get her tickets to the Disney Princess On Ice show. We had some extra tickets and decided to invite our neighbor's the Nuttalls to join us. They have a little girl Claire who is almost 3 and in love with all the Disney Princesses. I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of Claire. She had so much fun and we're so glad they were able to join us.

Reese also had a great time, well, for the first hour anyway. She really was having a great time; laughing, dancing and squealing as all the magical Disney characters lit up the stage. But after an hour she was done, so she and I spent the second half of the show wondering and playing in the halls of the Energy Solutions Arena. Which surprisingly was pretty darn fun for Reese as well.

At the end of the day...Reese was in the funniest mood. After we got home, she was so giddy and happy. She was running in circles around the house, laughing, jumping up and down, and squealing. We had a hard time calming her down for bed. I guess it was a very happy day!

Thanks Uncle Kit!!

I tried to capture a couple pictures, but during all the really good stuff I was caught up in the magic along with Reese. Here are a few random shots.

The witch from The Little Mermaid
Belle and The Beast
Mommy & Reese self shot
Daddy & Reese playing with Reese's magical princess wand.
Heading home...Reese had to hold all her favorite things; blanky, dolly and her new princess wand.

Friday, November 13, 2009

What I've been up to this week...

A couple weeks ago I had Studio 5 on as I was cleaning the house. This lady demonstrated how to take old sweaters and make these cute beanies. I happened to have a bag of clothes sitting by the door, ready to go to DI. In the bag were a few old sweaters. So, I thought to myself...this seems easy enough. I decided to try one and realized just how easy it really was. I've now made about 20 hats, without spending a dime. I just think they're so cute.

Now ask me what I'm going to do with all these hats?? I have no idea. A couple for Reese, one for me, and one for my niece......I have too many hats....

Here are a few examples...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles in my hair...

bubbles, bubbles everywhere... Or so reads one of Reese new favorite Sesame Street books. So we figured she should experience a bubble bath.

This is how it went...

what are all these strange bubbly things?
What am I supposed to do mom?
Can I touch them? Can I play with them?
Why is daddy piling them on my head?? I'm not sure I like that!
I don't know...maybe these things can be fun?
Yea...maybe they are fun! Maybe I like all these bubbles!
Yes, yes I do like them! These bubble are fun!
I like them mom! I really really like them!
Even if I do have a cone head. Thanks Dad!
I think I'm kind of cute in all these bubbles!
But wait! I'm liking this shampoo style as well!
Yes! This has been one fun bubble bath!!

Who taught my child how to lick the bowl!!??

Don't happy!

Reese was so funny and cute at church today. She's still 4 months away from "legally" belonging in nursery, but luckily we get to cheat with mommy as the leader. Funny enough she's about the same size as most the kids in there. She's so at home, you'd think she owns the place. Today for the first time she full on participated in singing time. Clapping along, singing...well screaming, dancing around and even taking her turn picking a song. I can't believe she was only crawling when I was first called. She's growing up so fast.

I bought Reese this balloon while we were out shopping this week. She loves balloons. It's been like her best friend the last few days. At home, she carries it all over the house. Sometimes, as she holds it in front her face, I can't help laugh!

Don't happy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How's the view from up there?

This is where Reese goes for time-out...ok...just kidding. This is where Arnold puts her when she's freaking out or throwing a fit. It seems to calm her down. Kind of funny. Don't worry, we never leave her there. Although sometimes she's happy up there, but sometimes she's not.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Only 14 months...what an amazing journey it's been...

Before Reese turned one I used to take the time each month to write down all her milestones and reflect on her little accomplishments in growth and development. I realized the other day that although I don't really need to write things down every month. I miss the time I spent reflecting on her and all she's learning. I feel like she changes everyday, and brings so much joy and happiness to both Arnold and me. We are continually amazed at her abilities and fall more and more in love with this little person that has been entrusted to us. Next week Reese will be 14 months old and there are just a few things I want to remember about my 14 month old little monkey.

  • Reese picks up on things around her very quickly. If we show her how to do something even once, it seems to stick. When we decided to have her start brushing her teeth all I had to do is show her once, and that was it. All I have to say now is "Reese, it's time to brush your teeth" and she goes strait to the bathroom, climbs onto her stool, opens the drawer, gets out her toothbrush and toothpaste, and she's brushing away. It's been the same with the potty, getting ready for bed, putting on her shoes etc...
  • Reese understands just about everything we say to her. It's really amazing to me that this little baby that used to stare at me blankly as a newborn can now communicate and understand me. When it's dinner time I say "It's time for dinner" she will go and pull out her highchair, waiting for me to put her in it. After dinner I ask her to put away her highchair and she pushes it back where it goes. When its time for bath, she heads upstairs into the bathroom and starts trying to take off her clothes. I could go on and on with all she understands. It's really amazing to me, watching her grow.
  • Reese is my little side-kick. She has to be doing anything and everything that mommy is doing. She loves to stand on her stool next to me in the kitchen and help me cook. She also loves to do aerobics with me. It's pretty darn funny. I notice her all the time, just watching me; even studying me at times with a look of total concentration. I'll then notice her trying to mimic what ever I was doing. It's given me cause to really think about every move I make. The other day I was doing a stretch, using my yoga ball and balancing it on my feet while laying on my back. Suddenly Reese is lying beside me in the exact same position trying to balance her rubber ball on her feet...amazing. She also loves to help me fold clothes. She will pick something up and watch me very closely trying to mimic each fold I make.
  • Reese is a good eater. She loves vegetables. Sometimes she loves them a little too much. Lately I have to give her a protein and starch first and make sure she takes several bites before I put the veggies on her plate. Otherwise she will eat all the veggies, want more and never touch her proteins or starches. Green veggies seem to be her favorite; peas, beans, asparagus, broccoli etc... I think green is her favorite color.
  • Reese has discovered the refrigerator. I never have to worry about knowing when or if Reese is hungry. She will let me know when she wants a snack. She stands by the fridge and pounds on the door. As soon as I open it she will pull out the bottom drawer where her fruit and string cheese are located and grab her own snack.
  • Reese now has 11 teeth and counting. (3 bottom front, 2 bottom molars, 4 top front, 2 top molars) They just keep coming and it doesn't seem to phase Reese in the least. Every now and then she'll get just a bit cranky or clingy and I'll notice she has a low grade fever, so I figure she's getting a tooth. But even that doesn't happen with every tooth. She never wakes up at night. In fact I've noticed she sleeps more when she's teething. I have been warned however, that my next child could be totally different.
  • Reese loves dogs. And when I say she loves dogs...I mean...she LOVES dogs. We have several dogs in our neighborhood and most of them are scared of HER. She attacks them and tries to squish them with love. She will let them jump on her and lick her all over and the whole time she just giggles uncontrollably. It's pretty cute to watch her light up at the mire sight of a dog. Unfortunately with my allergies and well...general dislike of pets...poor little Reese is going to have to settle for the electronic "Real Pet's" doggy that Santa will be bringing her for Christmas! And of course the little brother or sister I'll be giving her next summer. That's got to be more fun than a dog, right?
  • Reese is an extremely good sleeper...still! I know I've been blessed with a good baby, but I'm still going to take a little credit for her good sleeping habits. I did read 4 different books on how to create good sleeping habits for babies. I took the best information from all those books and applied the principals to teaching Reese how to have good sleep habits. So while everyone tells me how lucky I am to have such a good sleeper...I smile and quietly know that part of that had to do with me as well. Reese sleeps 11-12 hours every night and takes 2 naps, both about 2 hours long. Recently she's started weaning herself off of her morning nap, but has increased the length of her afternoon nap to 3 or even 4 hours sometimes.
The more I watch Reese grow the more I realize how much she is like me. As a child I was very stubborn, independent and a quick learner. I was also very coordinated, and pretty much anything I tried and "wanted" to accomplish I could do. When I got my first bike as a birthday present, my dad promised me he'd start teaching me how to ride as soon as he got home from work that day. Well I couldn't wait so I taught myself how to ride the bike in a couple of hours by simply hauling my bike to the top of the hill by our house, jumping on and riding to the bottom. Each time I fell I would get up, head to the top of the hill again and ride down. It only took a few falls before I was riding like a pro. By the time my dad got home from work I had taught myself. The same was true with just about anything else I tried. The key to my success has always and will always be; I had to really want it and set my mind to it. I see so much of that with Reese. She has all those same qualities, even at a mere 14 months. As her mom, I also realize the great responsibility I have to steer her in the right direction and help her harness her desires for good. I also have to help build her self esteem, so she realized just how amazing she is and how much she really can accomplish in life. What a awesome responsibility. But I'm up for the challenge!