Monday, August 22, 2011

Anniston 5 month and counting....

...and getting cuter by the day!



Anni is finally eating a little more. She now downs about 5 oz. at every feeding.

She can roll back to front and front to back, but she still does't do it too often. She would much rather be sitting up in her bumbo or in her bouncy play gym.

She has the cutest little laugh and is incredibly ticklish.

She's had a sudden interest in real food lately. She's still a little too young, especially with her food allergies, but I do let her suck on a Popsicle from time to time. She loves it...SHHH...don't tell!

Reesy Piece...



After getting dressed the other day I walked out of my bedroom and Reese, unsolicited, shook her finger at me and said, "No, no, no mommy. I don't like it. Not cute." She then went into my closet and picked out two different shirts and told me I should wear one of them.

Driving in the van...
Reese: I have to have the window down mom.
Mom: why, I have the air conditioning on. Let's keep the windows up.
Reese: But I need the sun mom. My body needs sun, so good for me.

I left the room for 1 minute, when I came back I found Reese attempting to change Anni's diaper. She had her completely undressed and diaper off. It's a good thing it was only a wet diaper.

After asking Reese to do something multiple times... with no response...
Mom: Reese, what is it you hear when I open my mouth? Do you hear my words or just noise?
Reese: Quacking mom, like a duck. Quack, Quack, Quack Quack!
Mom: I guess that explains it.

Reese was playing with Anniston on the floor, but it was time for Anniston's morning nap so I picked her up and said...
Mom: Say night night to Anni, Reese. It's time for her nap.
Reese: No mom, Anni doesn't want to take naps. Her not tired.
Mom: She looks pretty tired to me. I think she does want a nap.
Reese: No mom, she told me her not tired. She wants to stay and play sisters.

Reese: Mom I wanna watch cartoons.
Mom: (feeding Anniston) Hand me the remote and I'll turn them on.
Reese: where remote mom?
Mom: It's over on the arm of the chair.
Reese: On arm? Chair have arms mom?
Mom: Well kind of, that what you call the end of the chair.
Reese: Crazy! How come I never know these things?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


These girls love their grandma...and Mickey Mouse Club House. That's what they were all watching together. Anniston can't take her eye's off the T.V.


Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you think??

More and more people keep telling me that they don't think Reese and Anniston look anything alike and when I tell them that they actually do look very similar they seemed surprised. While I definitely think that Anniston has some unique characteristics and will probably take on her own look as she gets can't tell me that these too don't look an a lot 4 1/2 months anyway.



Friday, August 5, 2011

"Self" photos

When Reese was a baby I used to get on the floor with her and we'd have "self" photo shoots while we were playing. I thought it was about time Anniston got in on the action.

She thought it was the greatest thing ever...and so did Reese!

Sometimes I think the most "technically" wrong photo's are the best.








We really are....

just a family of fish.



With our new couches we made a rule that food is no longer allowed in the living room. So this is how Reese eats breakfast, so she can still watch cartoons.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Our talking toddler...

Early one day Reese asked if we could go outside and play. I told her it was yucky outside (it was dark and rainy), so we would probably be staying inside today. A couple hours later the sun came out. Reese looked out the window and said, "look mom, it's not dirty outside anymore."

Reese: I want juice mom
Me: Sorry sweety we don't have any juice, it's all gone.
Reese: (total look of shock) What?? No juice, how do these things happen??

Me: Reese will you stop growing up and stay my baby forever?
Reese: Sorry mom have to grow's life.

While driving home from the mall, I had just gotten off the phone with Arnold...
Reese: Who talking to mom?
Me: daddy.
Reese: Mine daddy?
Me: Yes your daddy.
Reese: Arnold daddy?
Me: You only have one daddy honey...that would be Arnold.
Reese: One daddy but two grandpa's? (Arnolds parents are visiting and Reese is still grasping the concept of two sets of grandparents.)
Me: yep, two grandpa's.
Reese: grandpa and candy grandpa? Where candy grandpa? (my dad is "candy" grandpa)
Me: He's in Idaho, that's where he lives. He's coming to visit you in a couple weeks though.
Reese: Let's go get him and have two grandpa's together?
Me: Sorry sweety it's not that easy.
Reese: miss mine candy grandpa. I schatzie...grandpa's treasure.

(Schatzie is what my dad call's Reese. It's an Americanized version of the German word schatzen, which means little treasure. It is a term of endearment in Germany like princess or sweetheart. The Americanized version got started when an American GI married a German girl after WWII and started calling her “Schatzie” instead of “Schatzen.”)

Arnold: Reese that's a cute shirt is it new?
Reese: Yep, mom bought it at Old Lady. (Old Navy)

Reese ran to the bathroom after playing outside all afternoon. When she emerged...
Reese: Mom I had accident...pee peed on the bathroom floor and rug.
Me: Of course you did. That only makes sense considering I just cleaned the floor and washed the rugs today.
Reese: (all smiles) Yep...a course I did.

Reese: Mom...I tired.
Me: You are? Do you want to take a nap?
Reese: (shaking her head) Don't be silly mommy.

Reese was looking at a picture of herself from last summer:
Reese: That me mommy?
Me: Yep, that was last summer.
Reese: Where mine hair go?
Me: You didn't have very much hair last year.
Reese: Why cause? Hair all gone?
Me: It was still growing from when you were a baby.
Reese: Oh oh growing. Now I have big girl hair.