Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reese’s Blogger Début

Ok, ok, for those of you who have been bugging me to see a picture of my baby bump (you know who you are...Cindy) here ya go :) I want to go on record as being completely against this, but everyone keeps saying that I will regret not having any pictures of my ever expanding belly. But I feel like the bigger my belly gets my butt seems to match it. Thank goodness for diets and exercise. I swear as soon as this little one is born...mommy's spending the next 6 months to a year getting back into her size 8 wardrobe that packed away in the basement. However, I think I've dreamed of becoming a mom since I was about 4 and my little brother Kit was born. So this is a dream come true for me, and little Reese is worth every unwanted inch and pound.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Colorado Redemption

Once upon a time there was a sister who promised her baby brother that she would come and visit him in a far away land called Colorado for the blessing of his first born son "Crew".

Alas, when the time arrived that she should prepare to depart, her mean ogar of a boss (at the time) made her work the holiday weekend and she was unable to make the trip.

Many more attempts were made to take the journey eastward however one event in her life after another prevented her from traveling. She fell in love with the wonderful man she was dating, they started to plan a wedding, they received a free trip to Hawaii... and the excuses continued.

However, a year and 8 months later she finally redeemed herself, along with her wonderful husband and made the 6 hour trip (that turned into 7. 5 because she's pregnant and has a baby that like to kick her bladder so she has to stop and use the "facilities" every 30 minutes or so).

But every fairy tale has a happy ending and Colorado was no exception. Of course the best part of Colorado was little Crew and his one man show. They had a wonderful time and promise to return one day for more Colorado Adventures and play time with Crew.

(Thanks Brady & Erika, we had so much fun and Crew is the cutest littel man in the world. We love you.)

See highlight of our journey below.

Ft. Collin's Main Attraction..."Crew"

1. Crew just after shoving half a plate size pancake in his mouth....he know's what he likes and how to get as much of it as possible.
2. Crew and his mommy Erika.
3. Crew and his daddy Brady.
4. Crew climbing on the dinasore sculptures.
5 & 6. Crew playing with Uncle Arnold in his basket.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hammers & Garden Hoes

Well it's safe to say...the chaos has begun. The first phase of finishing our basement started this weekend. Currently everything that has been conveniently hiding in the basement has been moved up stairs or in the garage. I've had to become very creative in my rearranging of items to find new homes for all our junk. If anyone is in need of a bachelor futon...please say "I". It's either finding a new home very quickly or heading to the grave yard of Deseret Industries.

Truth be told, things are going much smoother than I had anticipated. The only thing that I have to slowly adapt to is my food storage on display in my dining room. I didn't really want it in the garage during the hot summer. But regardless of what your thinking...(those of you who know me well)...I'm being very flexible and telling myself that I can indeed live in chaos for a meir 6-8 weeks (deep deep through the nose and out through the mouth).

The fun news is that we planted our "Garden"??, if you can call it that. The benefit of living in a town yard work. The down side of living in a town yard for a garden. Last year was our first attempt at container gardening and it went very well. This year we've changed it up a bit by adding a zucchini plant. If all goes well, in a couple months I'll have zucchini for all. We're also growing tomato's again and herbs. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reese's New Bedding!

The crib bedding I ordered for Reese has finally arrived. It is so cute, I can't wait to start decorating. I'm now in the process of picking a wall color. Another ladie that bought this online said she painted the walls a light celery green and accented the room in reds and pinks. I'm leaning towards the green, just because I'm worried pink walls would be a little overpowering. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. All suggestions and opinions welcome.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reese Update

Several people have asked me for more info on the baby, now officially named Reese. So your wish is my command. She is doing very well all snuggled up in my tummy. Our last ultrasound showed her strong and healthy measuring at just the right size and all vital organs are developing as they should. The best news from the ultrasound was that her head is measuring just a little below average, no worries; my doctor assures me that will only make for a much easier delivery.

I first began to feel her moving around inside me at about 19-20 weeks. It was pretty random at that point and could have easily been mistaken for gas, but she is making her presence more and more known every day. Her favorite position seems to be resting nicely on my bladder. As a result the toilet paper usage has almost doubled in our house over the last couple of months. In reality the resting on my bladder I can deal with, it's when she starts kicking it that problems begin to arise. The other day I finally felt her kick from the outside; meaning with my hand on my tummy I could feel her kick as well as internally. I hope that makes sense. Arnold tried to feel her as well, but in the tradition of most babies, as soon as he tried she stopped moving. They never like to perform on demand. He eventually got board just sitting with his hand on my tummy. I am very excited for the day that he will finally be able to feel her moving as well.

There she goes, she's kicking as I type. She must know she's being talked about. It's her way of saying hello!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and Birthday Mom!

When I was in the 5th grade I had two best friends, Leigh-Ann and Katie. One day we got into a terrible fight and they were both really mad at me. For the life of me, I can't remember what the fight was about, but needless to say I was very sad. I didn't want to go to school the next day because I wouldn't have anyone to sit by me at lunch. I told my mom and asked her if I could stay home from school, but of course she said no. She kissed me good bye and told me everything woudl be ok. When the lunch bell rang and our class lined up to head to the lunchroom, I was really nervous. I would have to sit all by myself. But as we rounded the courner to the lunchroom, there stood my mom with lunch for two. She came to eat lunch with me that day and taught me that no matter what friends come in and out of my life, she would always be my very best friend! She has never let me down. Happy Mother's Day Mom! You are truly the worlds best mom! I only hope to be able to live up to your example!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Me & Little "m"

If you know me at all, you know that my neices and nephews are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Up until I got married, I felt like my greatest achievment in life was that of "Favorite Aunt". My little neices Riley and Mycol are especially important to me. There's just something about little girls that melt your heart. I could fill books with stories of how cute, smart, and funny they are. That's probably why I'm so excited to be having a little girl of my own, especially because my "little" neices are growing up. They're not so little anymore. Riley just turned 12 last month and Mycol is almost 10. They will always be my little best friends though. More importantly they are going to become the best babysitters little Reese could ever ask for. Right Girls??
(This picture is of me and Mycol, little "m" as I like to call her, at her school a couple weeks ago.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peer Pressure...I thought that ended in High School??

So... for all my friends out win! After months of prodding and peer pressure, I'm finally posting a blog. I'm not sure how I'll do at this or if I'll be able to keep it updated to everyone's liking but I'll try. As someone who writes for a living you would think I would love doing this sort of thing, so maybe I'll take to it eventually. However, please keep in mind as you read our blogs...I'm a writer, not a speller! Thank heavens for editors!

As an introduction, Arnold and I were married last June after dating for almost a year and a half. We are now expecting our first child, a little girl that we have decided to name Reese. I will admit that the name is a battle Arnold graciously let me win. It's still growing on him, and we are still debating the middle name. But we are very excited to become parents and hope we won't do too much damage to the future generation with our lack of experience.

A little introduction. Arnold is a Marketing Director in the tourism industry and I am a partner in an advertising agency. However In all my past jobs I have also been a Marketing Director, so Arnold and I have the rare privilage of working in the same field. This means we can talk shop for hours and bore just about everyone we know outside our line of work. We both love what we do however, and feel very blessed to have great jobs that allow us to enjoy life outside of work.

Speaking of life outside of work, we are both huge fans of the outdoors. We love to camp, hike, ride our bikes and do anything involving water. For that reason, we love living here in Utah. Neither one of us are natives of Utah, however we both have parents from Utah with Pioneer roots. I guess you could say we have finally come home. (Arnold grew up in Kansas and I grew up traveling the word as an Air Force brat.)

We also love to travel and dream that some day we can take our children around the world to explore and experience all the wonderful cultures and landscapes this planet has to offer. That of course will largely depend on the economy, politics and world we'll see if that dream ever comes to fruition. But what's life without a dream.