Monday, November 7, 2011

Give Thanks Month

For FHE tonight we made this...


Our "Give Thanks" tree on the door to the garage. Now every time we leave the house (well for this month), we will be reminded of all the things we are thankful for!

Some of the things that Reese was thankful for:
ice cream
coloring crayons
stuffed animals
Jesus (yep...he eventually made it on the list)
mommy & daddy

(One thing I'm thankful for...creative friends who let me steal their idea's. Love you Chellese!)

Our "Give Thanks" tree, with the two things Arnold and I are the most thankful for!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the news...

Reese had her first dentist appointment! The report; no cavities, perfectly beautiful teeth with great enamel! She was such a big girl. She sat perfectly still while the dentist examined her. He was shocked when he found out she was only 3. He thought for sure she was 4, because she was so grown up about the whole experience.

Arnold and I also went to the dentist...for the first time in a very long time. What can I say, we've been slackers in the dental department. I guess the health care of our children's teeth was enough to motivate us. Neither one of us had any cavities, however we both had to have a couple old silver fillings replaced because they were just getting old. It was not a pleasant experience. I remembered why I hate going to the dentist...sshhh...don't tell Reese.

In other news, my church sabbatical has come to an end. They finally decided I couldn't use pregnancy or a new born as an excuse to not have a calling anymore. I was called as a Relief Society teacher. I am actually thrilled with the new calling. Teaching RS is seriously my all time favorite calling in the is good.  The best part...I don't have to teach until January. I was called to teach the fourth Sunday, General Conference talk lesson's, and the fourth Sunday in October was skipped because of General Conference. In November the RS presidency has something special planned for Thanksgiving, and in December it's Christmas Day, so we're only having Sacrament meeting. I guess my January lesson better be really good, since I'll have 3 months to prepare it.

Arnold is still the Ward Mission Leader. He's doing a great job, but I think he'd love a change. I keep telling him to be careful what he wishes for...they could always put him in nursery..ha ha ha.

And as for the littlest member of our family...Anni is growing and changing way too fast! Although, I'm grateful she isn't flying through all her milestones as quickly as Reese did. I was reading back through my blog the other day and realized that when Reese was the same age as Anni, she was full on crawling everywhere, climbing the stairs, pulling herself up to things and walking along furniture. She was only a couple of months from walking. She had 4 teeth and she just looked so grown up. I'm glad Anni has decided to stay my baby a little longer. If she were doing all those things, I think I would be devastated.  However, I don't think Anni will be too far behind Reese. I did watch her crawl forward a little today and she tries to pull herself up to things all the time. Sometimes she's successful, but then she just falls down. It's pretty funny to watch. As far as I'm concerned she should just stay my baby forever :)