Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anni 1 year stats & facts...for the records

Weight - 20lb. - 54%
Height - 31 in. - 95%
Head - 17 in - 42%

Development test:
Scored on scale of 1-60 (1-20 below Average, 25-40 Average, 45-60 above Average)
Communication - Average (40)
Gross Motor - Above Average (60)
Fine Motor - Above Average (55)
Problem Solving - Above Average (60)
Personal Social - Above Average (50)

Can do:
  • Walk and move from a sitting to standing position without holding onto anything or anyone.
  • Say mama, dada, done...babbles quite a bit.
  • Climb the stairs, still working on the reverse.
  • Reach the top of the counter tops and door knobs.
  • Point at things she wants.
  • Clap, give high five, wave bye bye, dace and make messes.
  • Understand directions and certain words like, bath, bye bye, clap, milk, Reese, daddy, mommy etc...
  • Eat all by herself. (she absolutely insists on this) She no longer takes a bottle or eats any form of baby food. 
  • Throw a good fit when she doesn't get her way, or her sister takes her toys.
  • Sleep like a champ; 12 hours at night and two, 1.5 to 2 hour, naps a day.
  • Her blanky
  • Her dolly
  • Her mommy!
  • Playing with her sister
  • Taking baths
  • Reading books
  • Watching Mickey Mouse Club House
  • Holding mommies phone. She squeals with excitement when she manages to get her hands on it...like she's just found candy.
  • Playing on her rocking horse or with her toy drum; her absolute favorite toys.
  • Trying on her big sisters shoes.

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