Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reese Quotes

Reese: Where we going mom?
Me: To Grandma and Grandpa's to drop off their cake holder.
Reese: Yay!!! Can we stay and play?
Me: No, we have several errands to run and then we need to get home.
Reese: But I want to play at Grandma's! She say's I can come over and play anytime I want to.
Me: Maybe another day. I told Cody we would go on a bike ride later. Don't you want to get home and play with all your friends??
Reese: Grandma is one of my friends! She's my best friend, her even say's so!

 She loves her Grandma!

Reese: Mom I don't like cow butts.
Me: What?
Reese: Cow's have ugly butts.
Me: Ok.
Reese: Mom how come milk comes out of a cows butt? Like is it like cow pee. Do we drink cow pee? 

Love my Reese and her endless supply of curiosity.

Reese loves to put on "shows" or "performances" for us. She's quite the little performer, so Arnold is building her a little stage for her playroom. Last night we went to pick out pain for the stage, on our way out we were perusing through the garden center...

Reese: Mom we need to get some roses.
Me: I don't think we're going to put roses in our yard.
Reese: Not for our yard mom!!! For me!!
Me: For you?? Why do you need roses?
Reese: Well...because mom, once daddy gets my stage done and I'm doing so many shows and performances, and you're going to love them sooooo much and I'm going to be soooo good, you're just going to want to throw lots of roses at me. Cause that's what they do on stages mom. They throw roses! 

Reese: Mom can we pleeeease get an i-pad like grandma?
Me: We probably will get one soon. Maybe next Christmas.
Reese: Nooo that's too long. I really really want one now.
Me: Reese i-pads are expensive. They're not something you just go out and buy with groceries. Maybe we should start saving our money.
Reese: But I have money. We can use all the money in my piggy bank.
Me: Sweetie, you don't have enough in your piggy bank. But don't worry mom and dad plan to get one soon.
Reese: Please please please mom!! Let's just go get one right now. I promise I'll get the money somehow. Let's just get one.
Me: How do you plan on getting the money?
Reese: I don't know...but I'll do it...somehow I'll do it.

I was talking on the phone when I realized that our front door was wide open. My little independent Reese was outside in her rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella getting the mail. Within seconds the mild rain turned into a violent hail storm...mail was flying everywhere so I had run out and save her. When I got her, and our mail, in safely, she looked up at me and said...

Reese: Mom, the rain today is like chunky rain.

Yesterday Reese and I laid on the front lawn eating popsicles. I asked her how she was feeling about our new neighborhood, if she liked living here, and if she was happy. Her response...

Reese: Ya, I like it here. I like all my new friends. I love my trampoline and my school, but mom sometimes I really really miss my friends in Utah.
Me: It's ok to miss your friends. I still miss my friends all the time.
Reese: Ya, I had the best friends. Like remember that time when we were playing outside with the swimming pools and Holden brought us a boat made out of sticks. He tried to put it in my water, but it just fell apart. That Holden was so funny. Maybe we can save our popsicle sticks and make a boat like Holden's. Then if it works we can send it to him. He would be so happy!

A memory most likely sparked by the popsicle sticks. I love that Reese has such amazing memories. I hope they never leave her.