Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Morning...

I love holidays. I love celebrations! I love the pure joy on my kids faces when they are excited and surprised. Childhood is so short, and "real" life is no were near as magical as childhood. I'm so grateful to be a mom and experience life through a child's eyes once again.

This Easter was even more special because Reese is finally old enough to grasp the true meaning. We had several family home evenings discussing our Savior and the Resurrection. She seemed to really understand, and I can see the tiny buds or her testimony starting form.

...and of course there was lots of candy, egg hunts, fun little presents, and family! We love living by family and being able to share holidays with Grandpa, Grandma, Brady, Erika, Crew, Kendy, and Sydney!

In their Easter baskets the girls got coloring books, a bunny mask, princess mirror and wand craft sets, and lots of eggs filled with candy and money.

 photo IMG_9531640x427_zpse4ab32ea.jpg

 photo IMG_9532640x426_zpsba510aed.jpg

Anni was all about the candy!

 photo IMG_9533640x427_zpscd15654c.jpg

 photo IMG_9534428x640_zps4e31de5e.jpg

 photo IMG_9535640x427_zpsee81dd21.jpg

 photo IMG_9536640x427_zps93ce352c.jpg

I wanted a serious picture...but loved what I ended up getting...

 photo IMG_9540427x640_zps7f17edd7.jpg

 photo IMG_9541427x640_zps2a17cbb3.jpg

 photo IMG_9553640x428_zps0b51ac05.jpg

 photo IMG_9546640x427_zps0e0d0a03.jpg

 photo IMG_9544640x427_zps3453b0d3.jpg

Anni's mouth full of blue candy!

 photo IMG_9549640x427_zpsf6ced377.jpg

When we got home from church, we got to hunt for all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in the basement. I think the girls have more fun searching for the eggs than they do eating the candy.

 photo IMG_9556426x640_zps049ce921.jpg

 photo IMG_9562428x640_zpsd7ad6534.jpg

 photo IMG_9561427x640_zpsf8b2382e.jpg

 photo IMG_9558640x427_zps0cbb14d2.jpg

Later that day everyone came over for a big Easter dinner and some fun play time on the trampoline. It was a wonderful Easter!

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